Who is Walker's Wheatens?

Quality Puppies from a Reputable Breeder

My wife and I were looking for a dog to join our family. We were looking for specific characteristics in our chosen breed. We needed a dog that could be comfortable around multiple generations. We were looking for a mild mannered, friendly, outgoing breed. After researching, we focused on the Wheaten breed. They not only met our requirements but they thrive on social interactions. The fact that they do not shed was a plus. We got our first male dog in 1997. We loved the breed so much we got our female next in 1998. Family and friends started asking for us to have a litter so they could get a Wheaten for their family. We had our first litter in 1998. Walker’s Wheatens was founded. We love our Wheatens. They are part of our family. We are selective with the dogs we choose for breeding. We strive to breed quality healthy dogs. We limit the females to one litter a year to increase the health of our pets. As with any family member, their health and happiness are top priorities. Our dogs visit the vet regularly for checkups, worming, flea and tick meds, etc. Our goal as breeders is to allow other families to enjoy Wheatens as part of their family as much as we love ours.

Fast forward to today, we have 7 wheatens. One breeding male, 2 breeding females, and 2 females that are pets, all that live with us. Both of our sons also have a breeding female. This is not back-yard breeding and we stick to our breeeding ethos.

Why a Walker's Wheaten?

What sets our dogs apart?

Clear and Healthy Lines

We have been raising Wheatens for more than 25 years. When we first started pursuing breeding, we ran into issues finding a reputable breeder. We dont want anyone to have to endure living with a pet with health issues and strive to provide the healthiest puppies from a transparent and legitimate breeder.

DNA Tested

Embark DNA Testing
A dog's health isnt solely a product of genetics, but of diet, environment, and lifestyle. By performing DNA testing, we are ensuring that all of our dogs are clear of any genetic defects and are set up to have the healthiest life possible.

See what Embark's Tests cover.

Health Gurantee

1 Year Health Gurantee

Our Sires and Dams

The breeding males and females of our kennel.

Gyn Erso
Maz Kantana
Rey Skywalker
Sky Walker
Female - Pet
Padme Amidala
Princess Leia
Female - Pet
Jango Fett


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